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European Pianocraft was founded in California by Herbert Lurgenstein nearly four decades ago. He comes from a family steeped in the traditions of piano restoration and music. Herbert has worked with legends such as Arthur Rubenstein, Oscar Peterson, Vladimir Horowitz, Victor Borge and Van Cliburn.

Herbert moved to Southern California to become the head technician for demanding retailer Bernard Comsky and later chief technician for Colton Piano. Wanting to set out on his own, Herbert founded European Pianocraft to restore the finest European and American Pianos. Through hard work and superb craftsmanship European Pianocraft, by the mid 1980's, became one of the most sought-after piano restorers in Southern California.

Today, European Pianocraft operates in Souther California, Southern Arizona and the Northern Sonoran Desert.

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Appraisal and Procurement

Our years in business and experience with thousands of pianos well qualify us to evaluate and appraise your piano. Whether you are selling or buying a piano, European Pianocraft is your only resource.

Tuning and Servicing

Having tuned and prepared pianos for all musical genres. Herbert is the best choice for in-home servicing, voicing, and minor adjusting to suit your personal tastes.

Repair and Restoration

European Pianocraft is your best choice for all your piano repair and restoration needs. From minor repairs to full or partial restoration services, European Pianocraft offers the finest quality workmanship.


Chris and Rosa Dailey

“Herbert is a valuable resource in the Tucson music community. He is a seasoned and expert piano tuner, a master of the art of piano restoration and a knowledgeable consultant for the purchase of a new or refurbished piano. What we enjoy most about working with Herbert is the education he provides so that we could make an informed decision that best fits our needs and budget. We have utilized his services to restore a circa 1890s Steinway to near perfection at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one, and when we were looking for a second good quality practice piano, Herbert located a seller in California and facilitated the entire transaction in a reliable, timely, and cost effective manner. We could not be more satisfied with the services Herbert has and continues to provide us. He has been an essential asset to the quality music education we sought to provide our children.”

Kenneth W. Bozeman

Professor of Music, Lawrence University

“Herbert Lürgenstein restored my family's 1913 Steinway Model O piano a few years ago.  It had not had any significant work done on it in almost one hundred years, and was in rather poor shape—not structurally, but in terms of quality of sound—so I was not sure what we would end up with.  Herbert tested the instrument before agreeing to restore it, and assured me that it would be good.  He completely restored it, removing everything down to and including the harp. It was completely stripped, refinished, and repainted, new strings, new pin block, new hammer mechanisms, recovered keys, everything, using the most appropriate and best materials.  My wife and I were stunned at the high quality of the finished product.  We are both voice professors at a strong conservatory of music at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and are blessed with fine instruments in our studios and concert halls.  One of our pianist colleagues, after playing our restored Steinway, claimed that it was in his opinion one of the two best pianos now in town, high praise indeed.  We highly recommend Herbert Lürgenstein as a technician and restorer—both for his skill and his professional integrity.  His work is outstanding, and he is devoted to achieving the highest standards possible.  He is also a delightful human being.”

Jack Bakos

Marana Piano Studio

“When my piano needed replacement, Herbert Lurgenstein came highly recommended to me as an honest, knowledgeable broker. Playing and teaching are my skill set, however knowing how to choose an instrument is not. I have known Herbert for several years and he has been a great resource for my piano studio. He connected me with a wonderful Mason and Hamlin grand piano. Herbert has tuned it regularly and it sounds amazing. His years of experience, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of all things piano give me great peace of mind that my instrument is in caring hands. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing, repairing, or tuning a piano.”

Brad Holland

Professional Pianist and Attorney at Law

“When the piano of a lifetime, “Oscar”, a 1929 Steinway D in perfect condition, found its way into my life, I KNEW he needed the best and most knowledgeable caregiver I could find. After several rounds of due diligence, I chose the most highly recommended Steinway expert in the West, Herbert Lurgenstein. Herbert is the ONLY person I trust to work on my legacy instrument. Without reservation, I recommend him to you.”


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